Pollstar Data Cloud

Introducing a giant leap in Pollstar Data Research and Analysis

For The First Time Ever…

Unlock and access Pollstar’s Boxoffice, Route Book and Contact databases with the Pollstar Data Cloud!

Pollstar Data Cloud gives subscribers the ability to search, view, filter and build custom reports based on concert Boxoffice and Route Book data for over 319,000 artists from shows performed from 1999-present. Pollstar Data Cloud also unlocks Pollstar’s Live Entertainment Industry Contact database for viewing, filtering and downloading.

Unlimited Access

Pollstar Data Cloud allows you to view unlimited Boxoffice reports and Route Book data for over 319,000 touring artists from concerts performed from 1999-present.

Search: Define your search based on data such as event date/range, artist, venue, gross, tickets sold, venue capacity, sell-through, promoter, genre, and more.

Reports: Refine your results to build custom blended reports including multiple artists, venues and other metrics. Filter, Sort, and Exclude specific data results and automatically recalculate Ticket and Gross totals and averages. Download your report results (additional charges apply).

Contacts: Access Live Entertainment Industry Contact database of personnel and staff for venues, promoters and talent buyers, artist representatives, and other music industry stakeholders.

Never Before in the History of Live Entertainment

…has there been a research tool like the Pollstar Data Cloud. Empower more strategic and profitable decisions by subscribing to Pollstar Data Cloud – your personal solution for researching, planning and executing live events.

Pollstar Data Cloud is a paid service available with your Pollstar Ultimate-level subscription.


In order to subscribe, all Data Cloud customers must have at least a free account on Pollstar.com to continue.
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Are you already a Pollstar Subscriber?
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