Route Book Event Submission Guidelines

Pollstar accepts event data from the following sources:
• Artist/Bands
• Artist’s Representation (Management, Booking Agency, Record Label, Public Relations Firms, etc.)
• Promoters
• Venues
• Ticket Agencies

There is no charge to add events/tour dates at If you currently have a Pollstar account, you can now sign up for data entry privileges. To do so, log into your account, click on “Data” in the top menu of the homepage and click on the “Add Events” link. You will then be able to submit your credentials. Pollstar will need to approve your privileges before you can get started. Once you are approved, you will be able to add/delete your tour dates directly into Pollstar’s database.

If you do not have a Pollstar account, you can send us you itineraries as spreadsheets. We accept Excel spreadsheets for tour dates. There is no set format for the spreadsheet, as long as it contains at least the artist, venue and date.

Please send your spreadsheet to [email protected]. Please note: If you are using Apple Numbers you will need to export your file. Select – FILE / Export to / Excel / Advanced Settings / xlsx