Why Report to Pollstar?

Pollstar, The Voice of Live Entertainment for over 40 years, provides the most up-to-date, relevant and useful data available from and for the global concert industry, delivering an unmatched archive of live entertainment data, a focus on editorial excellence, and the most powerful metrics of entertainment industry success available anywhere.

It Matters.

To put it simply, artists, promoters and those who work with them should get their due for the hard work and creative strategy that leads to people showing up to events. Markets around the world should be able to show how well they are performing, which promoters are having success and generating traffic, who is doing business worldwide.

Pollstar is the most credible source and final word for boxoffice data, and we very much believe that posterity should hold the final reckoning of the power of live entertainment, the artists that play the shows, the venues that host them, and the promoters who present them – all over the world.

Industry Value

We know that rankings are an important marketing tool for agents and venues, and that talent buyers and others depend on boxoffice histories to make informed choices. This is particularly true for international markets, as the industry has increasingly become more global in nature and tours are plotted on a global level.

Leverage your Success

We believe that success can and should breed success. Promoters who showcase their wins can use that data by way of Pollstar – the respected, acknowledged industry tracker and concert business trade of record – to generate more concerts, more partnerships (brand and artist), and more success.

Worldwide Commitment

Over 1,000 reporters around the world participate in this unique exchange of information and we hope you will as well. Pollstar is committed to making reporting as easy as possible. Below are some other helpful links and dates. Please let us know how we can be helpful in collecting your data!




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